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die-thylamide: How do you feel about the situation in Ferguson?


I wrote two posts about it last week, here and here

Because I am not there and experiencing these events for myself, I find it hard to comment on the situation in Ferguson specifically. There’s a good deal of information and disinformation circulating. 

But mainly, for me, the point is that our police system is archaic and unacceptable. At the very least, every police officer should be required to wear a front-facing video recording device. I think that alone will change a lot. 

I don’t blame the police. Look up the Stanford Prison Experiment. There is just an animal part of our brains that comes into play when consequence and oversight are suspended as factors. We need to keep our police force focused and effective rather than continuing on as the hand of oppression. 

The other day, my good friend lazylucid pointed out to me that none of this is new; you’re just hearing more about it these days. And while we can’t change the past, we can make sure that this kind of tragic confusion is no longer a threat to innocent citizens. 

So how do I feel? Tired about hearing of cops on power trips. Tired about hearing of innocent lives ended in bloody panic. Tired about how we all are constantly calling for change and watching as our political system fails us. 

A democracy reflects the will of the people and right now I’m not feeling that happening at all. 

Just my two cents on the matter. 

Namaste my friend. 

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